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Our mission is to help female founders, leaders and businesses optimize their wellness as a way of life, not a checkmark on their to do list. By implementing small approachable shifts to your existing routine, or company culture we strive to boost your clarity, motivation and confidence in decision making so that it is easy to take aligned actions and show up consistently in life and in your career with sustainable energy without the burnout.

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Integrated Wellness Coach & Consultant

Hi I’m Megan Swan

Megan Swan is a Wellness Coach and Consultant specializing in working with female founders, leaders and modern companies to thread strategic wellness practices into their existing routines and company culture. In doing so it enables more sustainable energy, ability to take action, and confidence to achieve their goals without burnout. She has 11 years of integrative wellness experience as a certified Health Coach, Detoxification Expert, Plant-Based Chef, Yoga Teacher and Educator. In particular she supports Female Founders in the process of scaling their business who need to strategically optimize their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. She has helped 40+ women establish wellness as a way of life with her less is more approach.

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There is no one-size-fits-all wellness. Every single client is different, every single session is tailored to what they need at that moment in their journey. No two bodies are alike, no two lifestyles are alike, and certainly no two career paths are alike. That is why a sustainable and customized approach is at the forefront of our methodology. We strive to make wellness a way of life & infuse it into your career and lifestyle. Get ready to experience the benefits of prioritizing your greatest asset in life: your optimal wellness.



"The Ultimate Wellness Infusion" - A 90 minute intensive strategy session to boost your Confidence, Sustainable Energy + Aligned Action/Decisions in life + business. A deep overhaul of your life or business from a wellness-first perspective.


For the high performance human or leader looking to have consistent energy and confidence from within to make powerful decisions from a place of optimal wellness. We strive to make wellness a way of life, not a checkmark on your to do list. Full support for 6 months.


For the entrepreneur looking to create a business structure, strategy, system and a signature framework that deeply aligns with their personal optimal wellness so that they can step into a CEO Mindset with magnetic energy and confidence to make a huge impact without burnout. Full support for 6 months.

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Optimal Wellness Coaching
Custom, Approachable and Integrated Wellness for Female Founders.

There is no one-size-fits-all wellness. That is why a sustainable and customized approach is at the forefront of our methodology. We support you through our 6 Pillars of Wellness to ensure you find the exact tools you need so that you are not just trying to keep up with the trends. We strive to make wellness a way of life, not a checkmark on your to do list. Get ready to optimize your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness so that you have sustainable energy, confidence from the inside out and crystal clear clarity in making decisions to build your business from a more grounded and empowered baseline.

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Integrated Wellness Business Coaching
Integrated Wellness and Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs

MSW Private Integrated Wellness Business Coaching provides you the support, guidance and accountability you need to develop completely custom and integrated systems and frameworks that are in alignment with your optimal wellness. This deeper integrative consulting-style support allows us to dive into the depths of your wellness, career and business, to develop custom, sustainable strategies to accelerate your growth, boost your confidence, so you can become an entrepreneur who walks the talk.

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Align + Shine
Group Program

This program is the perfect combination of high-vibe wellness soul sisters, inspiring guest speakers and deep discovery dive signature private coaching experience. It is a mind/body/soul transformation that will give you that boost you need to make your next move. Together we experience a dramatic shift in energy and mindset that leaves you feeling more confident and empowered than ever before. Are you looking for community, compassion and an intimate space to feel accompanied in a time of transition?

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Sustainable Integrative

Wellness Approach

Our Sustainable Integrative Wellness Approach dives deep to provide an energetic overall of your diet, sleep habits, mindset around mindfulness, movement, work/life balance, and your natural flow so we can find a sustainable and integrative solution that works perfectly for you now and forever. We work to integrate the tools you need to make the micro shifts you need through the seasons, years, and phases of our lives, careers and/or businesses.

  • It takes sustainable energy to show up consistently in our business and also enjoy life on our own terms.

  • There is no "one-size fits all" wellness.

  • Less is more in terms of practices and information.

  • Wellness should feel embodied, not outside of yourself.

  • Reinstating our agency to know what is best for ourselves, I will teach you to tune into your own expertise and trust your inner guidance systems.

By tuning in to your intuition, embodied experience, observations, physical, emotional and mental feedback we will determine what is best for you and develop your confidence in your ability to discern and drown out the constant overwhelm of information and noise.

Are you ready to build a life, career or business that feels expansive without sacrificing your own wellness? Book a complimentary discovery call to see if we are a good fit:

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What Clients Are Saying:

Client's Achievements

While I've only been working with Megan for three months on my wellness plan, it feels like we've been friends forever. She really listens to my issues and takes a whole wellness approach. The recaps and recommendations I get from her after each weekly session are invaluable, and I refer back to them frequently. I'm excited to think about what my wellness progress will look like in the coming months.

Alysse Bryson, VP of Community Development, WORKP2P, Seattle

I really liked Megan's approach because she was not judgmental and made it a safe space to share all my challenges. My biggest transformation was that I can’t go back to bad habits because now I’m conscious of what my body and mind need to stay healthy and calm.

Meggie Javid, VP Business Operations Clio, Mother of 3, Vancouver

What I liked most about working with Megan was her ability to help me pinpoint where my focus in my holistic approach to my business needed to be. I am new to being an entrepreneur, and I had so many balls in the air, but no idea if I was juggling the right ones. Megan's expertise in this area afforded me the confidence to know I was making the right moves with concise and manageable goals to meet each month. Megan also gave me the nudge I needed to rid a toxic practice from my everyday routine, one I knew was time to let go, but hadn't built up the courage to do. Stopping drinking was huge for me in terms of my overall wellness, but also my business' wellness.

Amanda Bodine, Lox-Tox Living Consultant, Illinois

Megan Swan Wellness Coaching initiated an incredible journey of personal and professional growth that rocket my career into a fourth dimension of existence. Megan’s unconditional compassion helped me become fully aware of my own self-worth and her empowering spirit was instrumental in turning my dream counseling job into a reality!

Ashley Sunderland, Alcohol & Drug Counselor at Twin Cities Wellness Center and Recovery Gym Fitness & Nutritionist Enthusiast & Blogger @RecoveryGirlMN Minneapolis, Minnesota

Megan has supported and helped me realize what I truly want in my life and how to make it happen. I have left my 9-5 job and started my own business as an alternative pain management coach! All the while learning how to love and take care of my true self. Thank-you so much Megan. Love you!

Stephanie Buckley, Alternative Pain Coach, PHPY, MPT Saskatoon, Saskatewan

It’s simple: We don’t know what we don’t know. I was in need of help - self care ideas and guidance in my health and wellness. I am truly blessed to have found Megan Swan Wellness. The results spoke for themselves. I lost weight and feel much better cutting out dairy and (fake) sugars.

Tanis Trott, Entrepreneur, Calgary

Always, in everything, there is a before and an after, a "something" that changes everything. For me, for my life, for my soul, Megan was that "something". She was what I needed to reorder myself, to get to know myself again, to do something to heal the emotions and actions with which, in silence, I was sabotaging myself.

Deborah Nava, Editor, Mother, Tuxtla Gutiérrez

I had a wonderful time putting in practice little changes that made a huge difference in my day by day. It was all about learning to take care of me again, and I fully recommend taking advantage of all her knowledge.

Maricarmen Aguilar, Mother of 3, Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Megan helped me gain the mindset and energy I needed to take action and have faith that I would get my dream job. With her support I worked hard and I got the job. I am learning new things everyday and feeling more fulfilled than I have in a very long time. I feel like I am in another dimension now than I was 6 months ago.

Daniela Morales, Engineer, Production Specialist Coca-Cola, DJ, Mother, Vienna

Finding Megan has been a blessing, she has guided me so far for two weeks, providing me with precious advice and tools, and the results have been fantastic. We are working now on reinforcing what I have accomplished, and setting new goals for my next stage

Karla Mancilla, Engineer, Regenerative Farmer, Mother, Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Thanks to Megan I finally regained my confidence that was buried in me since becoming a mother. I was stuck and she helped me explore my options which got me out of there. With proper mindset coaching and action plan I managed to make my dream of writing a recipe book come true.

Sylwia Misiewicz, Plant-Based Chef, Author, Mother, Colorado

Megan supported and guided me towards making life changes that I had been trying to change for a long time. She helped me cut back on caffeine and include more fresh food in my diet in a way that was easily incorporated into my grab and go lifestyle. My sleep quality greatly improved making waking up in the morning no longer a battle and my skin cleared up.

Jenn Johnston, Cartographer, UK

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