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After 5 years of working in the non-for-profit industry in Toronto, Megan decided to sell everything on a whim based on an intuitive feeling and move to Mexico. She had a plan to embark on her own “Eat, Pray, Love” journey with Bali as her next destination. 14 years later, she is still in Mexico following her instincts to carve out her own path. A path that led to the founding of her own business MSW with a mission to have a powerful, lasting and positive impact on the lives of thousands of women worldwide.

We believe that wellness-alignment is the wave of the future - it is a non-negotiable strategy in life and business. The ultimate rebel move in an overly stressed, distracted, numb and over-prescribed default mode world.

Here at MSW we know that we have no idea what we are capable of until we start to see that taking care of ourselves is productive. As we unravel the stories we have been told, and peel back those layers of everyday toxins, self-doubt we discover an untapped well of energy, confidence and grounded ease. Growing up Megan never imagined she’d be the CEO of her own company, let alone helping other women tap into and execute their deepest desires and expansive vision.

You just never know what is possible until you start doing things a little outside your comfort zone.

My Story

Integrated Wellness + Business Coach
Megan Swan

My journey to optimal wellness has not been linear. And I’m sure you can relate.

14 years ago I decided to pack up my life and move to a completely new country - something I had dreamed about for years, but it did not seem possible until I started to accept that I just wasn’t a status quo kinda girl and trusted my intuition.

Prior to becoming a wellness coach, I found myself never really feeling as if I was living up to my fullest potential. Even though I had been in the industry for years as a yoga teacher, I was drained and burnt out on a daily basis as a new mom and feeling stuck in a life I had signed up for so far.

After realizing I was no longer motivated by the idea of only teaching yoga or reopening my studio post baby number two. I wanted a career that felt more expansive, challenging and impactful so I signed up to become a coach and started a health and wellness magazine. Both were important stepping stones in my journey but I still knew I hadn’t quite found my highest calling.

My calling is to support female founders, leaders, and companies to optimize their wellness in a way that feels personalized, sustainable and not overwhelming. I realized that there is no one-size-fits-all anything, and certainly not an optimal wellness lifestyle for the modern woman or her business.

I work with people who are sick of the quick-fix aka unsustainable “solutions”. My clients have real, long-term, sustainable and fully integrated results that make wellness a way of life.

Your wellness is a practice of tuning in and making aligned decisions based on how you want to feel and show up in the world. When you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and connected spiritually you have a deep-seated confidence, and consistent energy that leads to more ease in decision making.

In fact this often leads my clients to lean more easily into massive life transformations that they knew on some level were knocking at their door.

Be it a personal shift, a career move, launching a business, a geographic move, motherhood transitions or a relationship that needs reconsideration, work or undoing.

It’s not about the one ‘thing’ you need to do, it's about getting to a level of self-care with a less is more approach that supports you through the highs and lows.

Your optimal wellness is your greatest asset, in life & in business.

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MSW Sustainable Integrated Wellness Approach

Our Sustainable Integrative Wellness Approach is designed to provide an energetic overall of your nourishment, sleep habits, movement mindset, stress management strategies, work/life balance, and your natural flow so we can find a sustainable and integrative solution that works and feels GOOD for you now and forever. We work to integrate the tools you need to make the micro shifts you need through the seasons, years, and phases of our lives, careers and/or businesses.

  • It takes sustainable energy to show up consistently in our business, advocate for ourselves and enjoy life on our own terms.

  • There is no "one-size fits all" wellness, you have to figure out what works best for you.

  • Wellness should feel personal, not outside of yourself.

  • Reinstating our agency to know what is best for ourselves, I will teach you to tune into your own expertise and trust your inner guidance systems.

By tuning in to your intuition, embodied experience, observations, physical, emotional and mental feedback we will determine what is best for you and develop your confidence in your ability to discern and drown out the constant overwhelm of information and noise.

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For me optimal wellness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Shifting our habits so dramatically that they become who we are requires an identity shift - which requires a shift in mindset. Together we will clarify your bigger 'why' in life so that the way you are living your life aligns with who you really want to be, how you want to live + what you truly want to accomplish in life.

Megan Swan

10 Day Detox:

A Guide for Moms to Feel More Energized and Find Their Balance, Naturally

This book will guide you through 10 days of detoxifying your body, preparing you to change your life. It will teach you to live better by eliminating processed foods, sugar and gluten from your diet. Gain a broader view of the benefits of reducing your consumption of alcohol and industrial meat products. Create a lifestyle that maximizes your energy in mind, body and soul.

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