Ever Since I can Remember People Have Felt Called to Share their Secrets with Me.

  • 2021-09-15 14:00:00 By
  • Megan Swan

I remember being at a family friend’s party when I was 12 and the teenage girl who was 18 or 19 brought me out to the ‘real party’ in the smaller cabin outback. She proudly introduced me to all her friends with this ongoing astonishment that I was 12 and not 16 because I was so ‘mature’ and likeminded.

Fortunately this is a ‘clean’ story in that there was no partaking of drugs or alcohol that night (which would be the case 6 years later at the ranch, I’ll leave that story for another time…)

This one is really about how for as long as I can remember I have been told I am an old soul, wise beyond my years, and a great confidant.

I was never the princess in any social situation growing up, but I was a close confidant to the princesses.

Then...20 years of alcoholism and no one really trusted me as much with their secrets. I tended to bring them up at the end of the night in the most inappropriate ways. *which led to more shame + guilt and reinforced the alcoholism. Full circle, for the last 4 years I have really come to embody and embrace this superpower that I have had all along.

My superpower is empathetically holding compassionate space for people.

I often don’t share all the ins and outs of the results I have helped clients get because oftentimes they are working on things they don’t want anyone else in the world to see, maybe ever, or maybe not yet.

I attract clients who connect with me because they know that I am someone they can safely voice thoughts they feel they can’t share with anyone else.

Is there something you know you need to share with someone but wasn’t sure who? Let me show you how your deepest darkest secret can be transmuted into an empowering tool.

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